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Lord Panmure

Lord Panmure

Panmure Lodge was warranted on 13th November 1857 as lodge 1857 and re-numbered as 723 in 1863. It was named after the Hon. Fox Maule, MP who became the second Baron Panmure in 1852, and the 11th Earl of Dalhousie in 1860. He was Senior Grand Warden in 1837, and deputy Grand Master in 1857, in which capacity he signed the Lodge Warrant.He became the Grand Master Mason of Scotland in 1867.

The Province was fairly small in 1857, and as the first Lodge in the Aldershot area, Panmure has naturally spread the craft to generations of succeeding lodges. Although the first five years minutes are lost, the Lodge retains the Initiates declaration book with the names of 489 initiates from 1857 to 1920.

Bro. Wentworth Dawes was an Ensign in the 97th Regiment of Foot when he was initiated in his fathers Lodge, Hope and Anchor (now No 37), East Lancashire. He was awidely travelled Lieutenant when he became the first Master of Panmure Lodge. Founders came from as far as Portsmouth and Southampton, whilst others were no doubt relieved to have a new Lodge near at hand. Many of the initiates have been army officers, in addition to those from a growing business and the professional community.

The Lodge had a number of meeting places in its early years, when it decided to construct its own hall. This was opened by R.W.Bro. Sir Augustus Webster in 1902, but in a tale reminiscent of the Union Road Hall at Cowes, the Lodge found it simply could not meet the interest on the expenditure. The premises were sold to the Y.M.C.A. and the Lodge moved to a number of alternative venues before settling in its present home.

In common with many older lodges, Panmure took special note of the St.Johns’ Days, initially having an extra meeting on the 27th December to install the Worshipful Master. An early requirement was that a proposer should deposit one guinea “at once” when his candidate was successfully balloted for, which was forfeited if the candidate did not present himself within two months.

Elections for the chair were sometimes fiercely contested, and after one such occasion, the Brethren refused to confirm the minutes of the election at the actual Installation Meeting. This caused some problems and the new Master was installed two months late.

Panmure has sponsored six lodges. First Daughter Lodge, Mount Cape 824 at Aldershot, associated with the 12th Regiment of Foot and was erased in 1890. Later sponsorships are Aldershot Camp Lodge 1331, St. Johns 1564 (now in Surbiton, Surrey with 14 associated Lodges), Farnborough North Camp 2203, St. Laurence 1516 (Alton – Warrant not taken up), Border 2475, Palma Virtuti 4187, and Aldertree 9289.

Following generations are Aldershot Army and Navy 1971, Woolmer Forest 3872, Aldershot Royal Engineers 4178, Semper Fidelis 6664, Loyalty 7154, Mercury 4581, Earl of Malmesbury 4919, Ferneberga 6314, Elvetham 4013, Ad Astra 3808 (London), Cherry Tree 8749, Bordon Garrison 7538, Anniversary 8385, Hospitality 7927, Ariel 8166, Rose of Hampshire 8463, Mid Wessex Masters 8859, United Progress 9336, Fugelmere 5073, Yateley and Pegasus Forces 9393.